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E. Hughes

Web Site: http://ehughesbooks.com

A conversation with producer Laurie Scheer: What you need to know about pitching a script or television series


  In Hollywood, opportunities are hard to come by if you’re an outsider with few connections, made even more difficult if you live outside of L.A and don’t know your way around the industry…much less how to pitch a TV series or movie. Laurie Scheer, producer, development executive and former Vice President of Creative...
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Star Wars Episode VII the Force Awakens Review with Spoilers


DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO SEE SPOILERS OR PLOT POINTS E. Hughes If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ve been waiting for this movie your entire life. Star Wars the Force Awakens is a sweeping homage to the original trilogy, with a wink or two at the prequels for  good...
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A Star Wars Episode VII review : How the Force Awakened Black Nerds


– E. Hughes When the first Star Wars the Force Awakened trailer arrived, it broke the internet. Movie fans were abuzz about the movie’s newest star, John Boyega and his role as a storm trooper. The first wave of criticism of course, was that a storm trooper could not be black, as it had already been “firmly” established...
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Stoking the flames of war

Empty Stage

“Naturally the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor in Germany. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a...
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Why bad reviews are good

Old Manual Typewriter

    There was recently an article published by the New York Times online, in the book review section,
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America, land of the depraved – Is the art of suspense dead?

Interior of a Movie Theater

By Author E. Hughes (Click here for author page)   I was watching Psycho on television the other day.
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Teenager lands three book publishing contract


        This is a nice accomplishment – a 17 year-old girl has won a three book publishing contract with a major publisher
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How to pitch a cartoon by Erica Hughes

wedgie avenger

  March 2005 Pitching a cartoon series to a network is Hollywood’s “backdoor” because cable networks are more open to unsolicited material and unproduced writers than other markets in the entertainment industry. When you pitch a cartoon you have more creative freedom than a writer presenting a screenplay for a live action television series or...
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The secret to selling books

Old Manual Typewriter

Indie authors may already know this, but the secret to selling books is
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Disney buys LucasFilms – releasing a 7th Star Wars movie


 October 30, 2012, Walt Disney Co. has purchased LucasFilms, LTD for a staggering 4.05 billion dollars, the companies announced in a press release today.
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Why republicans can’t create jobs


– E. Hughes In last week’s presidential debate, Governor Mitt Romney pitched himself to Americans as the “Great Republican Job Creator”, citing his record as an astute businessman and his ability to make a buttload of money. Fiscally, republicans believe in lowering taxes, buffing up funds for national defense, and cutting funds to the poor. Of debate, between...
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The science of fictionalized philosophy


E. Hughes There’s more to science fiction than cyborgs, deep space, and futuristic plotlines. Sci-fi is an exploration of philosophical and metaphysical themes in a fictionalized context, such as what is real? What is reality? What lies beyond the realm of possibility? Am I real? Fate, altered timelines, themes about freedom and humanity are often...
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Writing romance – the guidelines


Romance Writers of America, an organization for romance writers, notes that every romance should contain two basic elements, “a central love story and an emotionally-satisfying and optimistic ending.” So whether you are writing a  novel or a screenplay, there are a few important guidelines you’ll should probably stick to. See Romance genre guidelines. A dash of character: Two...
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Indie publishing – the path of least resistance


Indie Publishing, the Path of Least Resistance   Author of  Infatuation and Disappear, Love
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Woman dismembered waiting for inept police department’s response

Prisoners Hands in Cell Bars

It’s an old cliche but sometimes life is stranger than fiction. As writers we look for inspiration in real life events we sometimes wish was fiction because it’s horrible, or  inspiring stories we wish would happen more often.  I bring you the surreal… Each week we’ll post stories that wiill make your blood boil,...
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