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E. Hughes

Web Site: http://ehughesbooks.com

Friends in high places…


Breaking into Hollywood isn’t hard to do, it’s practically impossible. We write our stories with the best intentions, embarking on journey that may well take years to accomplish. Writers carry out this monumental task with two goals in mind; completing the story first, and seeing our words come to fruition on screen. But it’s a rush many screenwriters will never...
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From novel to screenplay,from script to novel – making the transition


    Wildly successful novelist Seth Grahame-Smith has three Hollywood adaptations in the works. His most buzzed about movie, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, will be released to theaters June 22, 2012 and stars Dominic Cooper (Mamma Mia! and Captain America: The First Avenger)
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Popular erotic novel optioned by Universal Pictures and Focus Features

Couple Walking Under Umbrella

The rights to produce popular erotic novel “Fifty Shades of Gray” by E.L James has been jointly  acquired by Focus Features and Universal Pictures. Universal will own the rights to the book trilogy, while Focus will distribute and market the film.  The story is about a billionaire business man, Christian Grey who meets an unworldly twenty-one year old...
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Stop changing my profile!

Eye on Flat Panel Monitor

At one time, MySpace was the most visited social networking site in the world. Then something happened. It wasn’t the advent of Facebook, as some suggested. While Facebook offered a few unique features, it was specifically designed  as a means of staying connected with high school friends. The platform had a simple interface that included...
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Nicolls Fellowship in Screenwriting contest


It’s that time of year again. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is accepting submissions for the Nicolls Fellowship in Screenwriting contest. From the web site: The Academy’s Don and Gee Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting is an international screenwriting competition established to identify and encourage talented new screenwriters. Up to five $35,000 Fellowships are awarded...
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Mistrial in the Nicollete Sheridan, Marc Cherry wrongful termination lawsuit


Monday – March 19, 2012 A judge in the wrongful termination lawsuit against writer Marc Cherry has declared a mistrial after nearly a week of deliberations resulted in a hung jury. Days ago, jurors had previously informed the judge that they were hopelessly deadlocked 9-4.   Source TMZ.COM
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President Obama’s blog invaded by China

President Obama’s blog invaded by China

February 25, 2012 On Friday, China’s great firewall came crashing down allowing access to a number of web sites generally unavailable to Chinese internet users. Unfortunately the excitement was short lived as the firewall was up and running again on Saturday. The number of social networking sites available while the firewall was down is...
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George Clooney arrested

George Clooney 66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra) image: Nicolas Genin

May 16, 2012   George Clooney and his father Nick Clooney were arrested today while leading protestors on a march outside of the Sudanese Embassy in Washington, D.C.  The actor and his politician father accuses Omar Al Bashir, President of North Sudan of blocking food and aid from the Nuba Mountains, which borders South Sudan. According to the...
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Which animation program should I use to create my cartoon?


Screenwritersdaily’s 2005 article on How to Pitch a Cartoon has been very popular over the years. When I wrote the article it was one of the first and only topics available on pitching a cartoon on the internet at that time and since, it has been used as the basis for many other popular articles on “Pitching a cartoon”. One of the questions I’ve...
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Are Screenwriting Websites Exploitive? (2003)


The Practicality of Screenwriting Websites Article by Erica M. Hughes Are websites capitalizing on your dreams? I know it may seem oddly hypocritical for me to ask such a question, given the fact that I am writing for a screenwriting website. But after touring this flourishing online market and lingering for a few days…...
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How to write a logline


October 11, 2009 What is a logline? A logline is a brief, but captivating  one-liner used to advertise a  movie or screenplay. Generally, the more high concept your logline sounds should increase the odds  of the right people paying attention to it. For example, the Matrix advertised  “The fight  for the future begins” on its...
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What happened to The Real World?

What happened to The Real World? Erica M. Hughes http://screenwritersdaily.com – 10/13/06 “This is the true story, of seven strangers, picked to live in a house, work together and have their lives taped, to find out what happens, when people stop being polite, and start getting real. The Real World.” I remember when MTV...
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