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Why republicans can’t create jobs


– E. Hughes In last week’s presidential debate, Governor Mitt Romney pitched himself to Americans as the “Great Republican Job Creator”, citing his record as an astute businessman and his ability to make a buttload of money. Fiscally, republicans believe in lowering taxes, buffing up funds for national defense, and cutting funds to the poor. Of debate, between...
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Stop changing my profile!

Eye on Flat Panel Monitor

At one time, MySpace was the most visited social networking site in the world. Then something happened. It wasn’t the advent of Facebook, as some suggested. While Facebook offered a few unique features, it was specifically designed  as a means of staying connected with high school friends. The platform had a simple interface that included...
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Are Screenwriting Websites Exploitive? (2003)


The Practicality of Screenwriting Websites Article by Erica M. Hughes Are websites capitalizing on your dreams? I know it may seem oddly hypocritical for me to ask such a question, given the fact that I am writing for a screenwriting website. But after touring this flourishing online market and lingering for a few days…...
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Defending your art by Erica Hughes

Defending your art by Erica Hughes

Defending Your Art – by Erica Hughes February 8th, 2006 Writers, filmmakers, actors, and others in the media and entertainment industry, at some point in their careers will have to defend their art. But when the artist bows to public pressure and apologizes, or takes the opposite route and attempts to defend the indefensible,...
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The pros and cons of self-publishing a book by E. Hughes

stack of books

Remember the old days when vanity publishers charged writers thousands of  dollars to publish and distribute their own books?  I can smell a  vanity publisher a mile away. The goal of vanity publishing is to make money off  of the author and not the book. A vanity publisher will not edit or market  your...
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Spielberg Favorites by M. E. Krueger

Articles: “Spielberg Favorites” By “The Smoking Critic”, M. E. Krueger ©2006 Hopefully, the majority of movie fans scanning this offering are not afflicted by that most heinous and undeniably foul habit of smoking cigarettes, but alas, I am. Although I have tried to quit more times than Rocky Balboa has stepped into the boxing...
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What happened to The Real World?

What happened to The Real World? Erica M. Hughes http://screenwritersdaily.com – 10/13/06 “This is the true story, of seven strangers, picked to live in a house, work together and have their lives taped, to find out what happens, when people stop being polite, and start getting real. The Real World.” I remember when MTV...
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