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Old Manual Typewriter

  Screenwritersdaily has put together a list of new and exciting books, ebooks, e-stories, articles and essays on our sister site, http://writetobreathe.com – following our weekly announcements!
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The science of fictionalized philosophy


E. Hughes There’s more to science fiction than cyborgs, deep space, and futuristic plotlines. Sci-fi is an exploration of philosophical and metaphysical themes in a fictionalized context, such as what is real? What is reality? What lies beyond the realm of possibility? Am I real? Fate, altered timelines, themes about freedom and humanity are often...
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Is Your Screenplay Doomed to Fail Before You Write One Word?


We all know that scriptwriting can be a hard and very long-term task. But the pay-offs of success are, of course, more than worth the effort. But if you don’t write your script in the right way, you could be setting yourself up for failure before you’ve even set your first scene. With that...
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Indie publishing – the path of least resistance


Indie Publishing, the Path of Least Resistance   Author of  Infatuation and Disappear, Love
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The pros and cons of self-publishing a book by E. Hughes

stack of books

Remember the old days when vanity publishers charged writers thousands of  dollars to publish and distribute their own books?  I can smell a  vanity publisher a mile away. The goal of vanity publishing is to make money off  of the author and not the book. A vanity publisher will not edit or market  your...
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