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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Teenager lands three book publishing contract


        This is a nice accomplishment – a 17 year-old girl has won a three book publishing contract with a major publisher
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China – Beijing holds first ever Hollywood Screenwriting Contest


Government officials in Beijing are looking for American Screenwriters to help tell their stories. Winners will receive cash prizes totaling $100,000 USD prize, and a trip to Beijing. Submissions are due April 7th for the first round and April 20th for the second round according to Los Angeles Times Online Submissions and entry rules...
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How to pitch a cartoon by Erica Hughes

wedgie avenger

  March 2005 Pitching a cartoon series to a network is Hollywood’s “backdoor” because cable networks are more open to unsolicited material and unproduced writers than other markets in the entertainment industry. When you pitch a cartoon you have more creative freedom than a writer presenting a screenplay for a live action television series or...
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