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Do it yourself press kit

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Marketing Magic: A Do It Yourself Press Kit Can Help You Market Like The Pro’s. by James W. Layne, Jr. ©2006 The biggest challenge to any self publisher is marketing the product and the personality. No matter if you have published a book, recorded a music CD, or put together a photographic layout you...
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How to write a logline


October 11, 2009 What is a logline? A logline is a brief, but captivating  one-liner used to advertise a  movie or screenplay. Generally, the more high concept your logline sounds should increase the odds  of the right people paying attention to it. For example, the Matrix advertised  “The fight  for the future begins” on its...
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The pros and cons of self-publishing a book by E. Hughes

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Remember the old days when vanity publishers charged writers thousands of  dollars to publish and distribute their own books?  I can smell a  vanity publisher a mile away. The goal of vanity publishing is to make money off  of the author and not the book. A vanity publisher will not edit or market  your...
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Contacting an A-List actor

April 7, 2009    Finding an A-list actor to read your screenplay will be a monumental task.  The purpose of attracting talent is part and parcel of a marketing strategy to  attract attention from financiers, production companies, or directors; generally  people with an artistic or financially motivated interest in optioning your  screenplay. At this stage,...
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Help section: member tip sheet

Welcome to Screenwritersdaily.com. The list below describes some of our member features and how to access various features. Please use the comment section below if you have any questions. *ADD PICTURES or videos to your profile. Just click the image button, hit TAB and “Enter”. Sometimes you have to hit tab twice, past the...
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