Star Wars Episode VII the Force Awakens Review with Spoilers

DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO SEE SPOILERS OR PLOT POINTS E. Hughes If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ve been waiting for this movie your entire life. Star Wars the Force Awakens is a sweeping homage to the original trilogy, with a wink or two at the prequels for  good measure. While not all of our beloved characters made an appearance , the core players are there with Han Solo, Chewbacca, Leia, Threepio, and lastly, Artoo and Luke are back for a last hurrah…and boy was it worth the wait. We also meet new characters, with Finn, Rey, Poe, BB-8 and the galaxy’s greatest threat, Kylo Ren… a protégé of the darkside, and sniveling brat with immense force powers. Where Luke Skywalker danced with the darkside, Kylo Ren is in a full-on waltz. He is an evil little bastard. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is everything a Star Wars movie is supposed to be, but where it fails is in the lack of space battles and John Williams’ masterful score. In the original trilogy Williams’ score acted as a narrator of sorts. When the audience heard the Imperial March, otherwise known as “Vader’s Theme”,  we knew the Dark Lord would soon make an … Continue reading Star Wars Episode VII the Force Awakens Review with Spoilers