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Strange but true news, pictures of forced abortion stirs debate…

It’s an old cliche but sometimes life is stranger than fiction. As writers we look for inspiration in real life events we sometimes wish was fiction because it’s horrible, or  inspiring stories we wish would happen more often.  I bring you the surreal… Each week we’ll post stories that wiill make your blood boil, your blood curdle, or your heart fuzzy.

Today’s Strange but true (and sad) story is about a 7 month pregnant woman in the Shaanxi county of China who was forced to have an abortion for violating “China’s one-child” policy. Given China’s 1.3 billion population, stretched resources, and  unimaginable poverty in rural areas (strangely, the families in rural areas of China are not subject to the one-child law), the policy is understandable. Forced abortions and forced sterilization however, is shocking to people who live in western societies. Chinese netizens have expressed outrage over the story, and rightly so. What are your thoughts on this story? Use the comment section below.




Daily Mail (Updated – China officials apologize to victim for forced abortion)


Yahoo News


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