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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Is Your Screenplay Doomed to Fail Before You Write One Word?


We all know that scriptwriting can be a hard and very long-term task. But the pay-offs of success are, of course, more than worth the effort. But if you don’t write your script in the right way, you could be setting yourself up for failure before you’ve even set your first scene. With that...
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What’s In a Title?

Old Manual Typewriter

20th Century Fox recently revealed the title to the 5th film in the Die Hard series: A Good Day to Die Hard.  It’s always good to see a sequel that doesn’t go for the easy way out and just slap a number at the end of the original title.  However, with the number of...
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Strange but true news, pictures of forced abortion stirs debate…


It’s an old cliche but sometimes life is stranger than fiction. As writers we look for inspiration in real life events we sometimes wish was fiction because it’s horrible, or  inspiring stories we wish would happen more often.  I bring you the surreal… Each week we’ll post stories that wiill make your blood boil,...
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This week in books!


We have some exciting news for our faithful members and readers in addition to the latest books posted to our sister site  http://writetobreathe.com
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This weekend in movies 6/8/12

Red Theater Curtain

This weekend’s top movie is…  
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Character Is Plot


It’s been said that character is plot.  What does that mean?  Simply put, the choices the lead character makes drives the direction the story takes.  In movies with weak plots, stuff happens and characters do things, but the two aren’t necessarily related.  Take your typical slasher film–an anonymous killer stalks a group of teenagers...
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This weekend in movies 6/1/12


And this week’s top box office is…       Snow White and the Huntsman (56.2M) Men in Black III (28.1M) Marvel’s the Avengers (20.5M)
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