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Woman dismembered waiting for inept police department’s response

It’s an old cliche but sometimes life is stranger than fiction. As writers we look for inspiration in real life events we sometimes wish was fiction because it’s horrible, or  inspiring stories we wish would happen more often.  I bring you the surreal… Each week we’ll post stories that wiill make your blood boil, your blood curdle, or your heart fuzzy.

Today’s Strange but true (and sad) story is about a 28 year-old woman in South Korea who calls police for help while her kidnapper/rapist is out of the room, only for the dispatcher to ask inane questions for a minute and a half failing to learn her location in that time. The call is interrupted with the murderer’s return. The woman is overheard as she begs his forgiveness. Police did not find her location for 13 hours. Her body was found dismembered, left in 280 pieces. The woman was targeted because she accidently bumped into the man’s shoulder as they walked down the street. You can read details about the story and see the transcribed police call via the link below:








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