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Help section: member tip sheet

Welcome to Screenwritersdaily.com. The list below describes some of our member features and how to access various features. Please use the comment section below if you have any questions.

*ADD PICTURES or videos to your profile. Just click the image button, hit TAB and “Enter”. Sometimes you have to hit tab twice, past the link and the video button then enter. Follow the same steps to “Post public message” or leave a comment on someone else’s page.

  • Visit Member profiles by clicking the member’s username. Member profiles contain latest comments, posts, articles, recent login, and other activity.
  • The Member toolbar at the top of your screen is activated when you scroll down. You will then be able to hover your mouse over the text to see the menu. When the page is at the top position, the tool bar deactivates. We’re working on fixing that issue at this time.
  • Members can post status updates. You can “favorite” a member comment. Cool!
  • Members can send private messages.  You can contact other members by clicking the  “private message button” via user profile pages.
  • Change your picture. Clicking your member name from the home page or the click the tab at the top right hand corner of the screen. This will take you to your profile. There is a link that will allow you to change your “avatar” or choose “change picture”.
  • Members can leave a message or comment on member pages. Click the member’s name to visit the profile and leave a message on his or her page.
  • Visit the Latest Activity section to see what other members are doing and join in the fun.
  • Members can leave a comment on posted Screenwritersdaily articles.
  • Occasionally members may ask to submit an article to Screenwritersdaily.com (or apply to become a “featured writer”). You will need to send an inquiry to the System Moderator. Your article must knowledgeable, and you must also have writing experience.
  • Members can add friends.
  • Create Groups
  • Post on the forum (but you must associate forum posts with a group by using the drop menu below the text box.

Any questions? Comment below, I’ll do my best to answer any questions. Thank you!

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